Finally we have blogs again. After too many numerous problems that started before we left for Las Vegas our blogs are working again. I am working on uploading pictures from Vegas and other things. Lots has been happening in the last month. My girl turned 10 years old, we made some more progress on the house, I have started baking Christmas cookies, I have a new scone recipe to post, not only did our area flood but it also snowed. That is just a small sampling of things to post about. I have at least one post to do just with clothes along with pictures. I have some places to link to with projects I am contemplating doing and I need to update the links of places I read. I know I have at least 1 new book I have read if not more.

To start here is a picture of our house in the snow.

I have a few photos uploaded to my gallery already but more still to come. Have a good night, more to come. 

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