Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope yours was as nice as ours was. As much as we missed Devin's family it was nice to be home this year. Christmas Eve was interesting as we had 2 different church services that day. Alaric made his debut as an acolyte at those services and did a great job, he was adorable. Unfortunately I could not seem to get any decent pictures but will strive to get some this coming Sunday.

 Our Christmas was nice and quiet and the kids helped keep their big present a small suprise until after our late brunch of our traditional orange rolls, sausage, eggs, and tea.

Their big present this year was new bikes! We were lucky enough to find them rather early and buy them for a good price. We also fortunately ran into a friend who agreed to take them home for us and store them at their house until after the kids went to bed Christmas Eve. It worked out great and they loved them. We also had a brief dry spell during the afternoon so they were able to go out and ride bikes for an hour or so and learn about their gears and how to handle the larger bikes. We bought the largest bikes we could that would still fit them now so they have plenty of growing room.

Here they are on their new bikes!

Alaric on new bike Treanna on new bike Alaric on new bike

I also uploaded a couple of other photos to their albums if you want to check it out as well.

There are also a couple of pictures in my gallery from Vegas as well. 1 is a pictures of the only decent tea I had my entire time in Vegas as well as a picture of the hotel where we stayed. The other pictures is of the awesome bathtub in our hotel room that was actually big enough and deep enough to actually bathe in.

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    Sounds like so much fun!  Glad they're enjoying the bikes.  And I have (and love) a big oval tub in my current house (and there'll be one in the house we're planning to build here soon).  I can't stand little skinny tubs where you end up with your body all squished up into your armpits, LOL!!

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