The December Windstorm

This is a quick update for those we did not tell in person. No we did not lose power except for maybe a couple of minutes. We just shut down all the computers and other stuff in the house and went to bed. There was no damage from falling trees or anything either. There are still many tree limbs all over the yard but that will slowly get cleaned up over the next several weeks.

Unfortunately at the start of the storm Devin was on his drive home from work and at times he said it was raining so heavily it felt like someone was throwing buckets of water onto the car. He ended up being a bit later than planned so met us at the eye doctors. Alaric was having an eye exam and ended up getting fitted for glasses. We are just waiting for them and then I will update the site with a picture of him wearing them, he looked cute and is very excited about them. It was raining and blowing so much that if we did not have our hoods on and the umbrella we would have looked like someone dumped a bucket of water on us while we walked from the car to the building. The building where the vision clinic was lost power during the last part of the exam for several minutes.

We know many people who either just got their power back on or are still without power. At least one lady who goes to church with us was told that they would probably not get their power back on until after the 1st of the year.  

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