another Tuesday, laundry, and snow

Today was an odd day but good. This morning I had to take the kids early to school so Treanna could go to choir. On choir days Alaric goes to a friends in the morning to go to school with him on the bus so I don't have to head up the hill twice. Well it was snowing. School was still on time and in session but it was really snowing this morning. In fact later there were big huge fat snowflakes. I had to brush off my car when I got home as I didn't want the snow to melt inside of it.

I was home by myself today which was very nice. Last night I had cleaned up the mess on the floor some more and worked on my craft area. I even sorted out my tools a bit better and hung one of my Gibson girl pictures. I did add 1 thing to my table surface which was my file box. I am hoping that it will be moved later but for now where I can find and start filing things is good. I even did some work on my desk as well. Luckily just a few papers every day makes it a bit better every day.

On the home front I finished all the laundry today and reorganized that space a bit. Much easier to do laundry now that I have more room and the entire area is less cluttered. I still need to replace my laundry sorter as mine is falling apart.  

One thing I am discovering that makes my life difficult is not having a spot for temporary things. Like where do I store our anniversary present while I wait for our anniversary? Where do I keep presents that are meant for people in a few months? What about things that I am going to sell at a later time or that I have been meaning to trade with someone? I need to see one of my sisters and have clothes for her kids and that kind of thing, where do I keep them until I go down probably next month? Overall it is better and just getting rid of excess and picking up after ourselves is helping but it is still an ongoing struggle.

I also attempted to give away the things I listed on freecycle but was having trouble getting people to reply back to me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better on responses. Luckily I do have a lot of responses it is just a matter of going through the list. I also have a few things that I need to make arrangments with. I still have a pile of stuff for donation and that I just need to figure out what I need to do with it all. I even have a box of things for me to change a bit so I can resale them.

I even helped my mother on and off today download her photos off her new camera to her computer. Good job Mom I knew you could do it! She figured most of it out herself I just helped her find where to go to get the directions.

I have a few things I need to pack up and find out how much they weigh and get things ready to be mailed off. I also need to go shopping and do other things like pay bills.  After small group in the morning.

In other things of interest I just read a book by Dave Barry called Big Trouble. It was funny and very screwy. I listen to country music and have yet to hear anything from Dierks Bentley that I don't like. Current favorite is Long Trip Alone.  I watched the video this evening and it was not what I was expecting.

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