Birthday update

Today did turn out to be a wonderful day even if I did discover that my turn signals were not functioning that well on my little mazda.

I ended up going into the office with Devin. Partly so I could have lunch at the Olive Garden with him but also so I could help him put up his office decorations in his new office. We had a wonderful lunch where I had stuffed mushrooms, soup and salad. We got a few things hung up in his office but not everything. However we did figure out where everything would work out best. One thing that Devin found out this morning was that he received his Microsoft Exchange MVP. We knew last November that he was nominated but we were not sure if he would get it until the 1st. Well he actually found out this morning so it was like a whole extra birthday present. To understand exactly what this means visit his blog in the next day or 2.

I then left, picked up kids, ran by the grocery store and started dinner. The enchiladas turned out very good despite the fact that I make them different almost every time. After we had dinner I had several more phone calls, some from sisters (at least 2 brats!), and from other family as well.  I then opened my presents before we had the cake.

The first present I opened was a cute Royal Doulton entwined cats ceramic figurine. While cute I was a bit disappointed because I had wanted a teacup! Then I opened the presents from my mother. The first thing I opened were some cute black gloves with little embroidered roses. The funny thing is I was considering going back to that store to pick them up for myself this week hoping they would be on a post Christmas sale, I really loved them! The other present from my mother was the candelabra and candles, which again is funny because I seriously considered buying it for myself but decided to be fiscally responsible instead.

presents from mother 

Then we opened the big box we had received from the children's godmother, our friend Mickie. She included my Christmas and birthday present in there. I got a lovely set of the Laura Ashley English Rose scented body powder, lotion, and a lovely bath gel. It smells heavenly and I will definitely be using it!

cats and stuff 

Then Devin got me distracted with something while the kids were helping clean up from dinner so we could have cake. When I came back into the room there was a beautiful set of the Royal Doulton teacups I had just admired at the store. I personally could not decide which of the colors I liked the best myself, Devin decided that him and the kids would just buy me all 4. So I now have the green, purple, pink and cream. I now of course would LOVE to go back and pick up the matching dessert plates for these.

my teacups 

 So in all today was a good day. Kind of strange but I am just happy. Maybe it was the flippy skirt.

my flippy skirt

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