Bored with pizza?

What do you make when you are bored with pizza, yet still want pizza taste? Plus you want to use your neat baking stone and have something with the texture of french bread? Well after thinking about it as I was not feeling well earlier today, I decided what I really wanted was calzones.

So much to late to really be starting this process, I dug out my recipes and found a french bread recipe I have been wanting to try in my kitchenaid mixer. It fit just fine and allowed me to try out the dough hook, which I have also been wanting to try out. While the dough was rising and I was punching it down every 10 minutes, I mixed up some filling. For the filling today which was clean out the fridge day it was tomato sauce, spices, chopped pepperoni, cream cheese and a small sprinkling of mozarella.

Of course I also did my some small chores and preheated the oven.

Then once the dough was done, I started the experiment. I rolled out small rounds of dough, spooned in filling and sprinkled cheese. Then folded and pinched the edges. The first one was a bit too big and I really was not sure how it would taste. It looked and smelled wonderful especially after I brushed the top with butter and sprinkled parmesan. Devin suggested I eat the first one myself. So I cut it in half and was suprised at just how good it was. Unfortunately I had only made 1 large one in the first batch so everyone else had to wait. More were made in the second batch and Alaric said "Mom you made hot pockets!". Of course everyone else liked them except Alaric. He said he just wanted the bread part, maybe he was not feeling well?

I now have enough left for lunches for at least tomorrow if not the next day. I also have plans for a next time as well. I want to be able to fill them with spinach, sausage, a lovely herb white sauce as well as the pepperoni and mozarella. I think a "make your own" with the filling combination you want could be a very fun dinner as well sometime.  

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    I’m impressed with your skills! I just never had the urge to make homemade bread products much. You are my baking idol!

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