Crafting and the house

I am just currently kind of proud of myself and amazed. Not only have I been able to do more crafting but the house has not suffered from neglect while I have been doing so. Even after some company I only need to do a few dishes. Granted the kitchen and bathroom could use a sweeping but they could almost always use a sweeping so no big deal. I am even keeping up with laundry for the most part.

Thursday my friend S and I did some sewing. We had several pillows we did for her house and I laid out and cut a few projects for myself.  When I was done everything got put away except the current project was put on the nice clean craft table.

Friday night I printed out some more of my teapot calling cards so that I could cut them out while we watched some DVDs. Well after being inspired by people on my MissingBliss yahoo group I also decided that if I finished those I would make myself some Valentines. Well I finished them by Saturday so I got out my box of paper scraps and paper and began making Valentines. It was a lot more fun especially since I was finally able to use lots of those saved Victorian type scraps.

Pictures of the Cards and the Valentines:

calling cards Valentines!

I still have a couple of things I had hoped to get to this weekend. However I think at this point I will indulge myself and just do them tomorrow.

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