Cupcakes of Catan

We sometimes like to play this game called Settlers of Catan. We often don't like playing it though because the game is not balanced all the time and the wrong set of dice make it not fun for at least one or more persons.

Now I shall link you to the Cupcake of Catan . I got this link from a blog I read called All Cupcakes All the Time. Ok so I am rather compulsive to read a blog just about cupcakes.

But I like them! In fact I should go make some!

At least I am not as into things as other people are. Apparently those cupcakes of Catan were part of a Catan Food related contest. Which frankly scares me.

 Off to the kitchen!

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    So, do you get to eat the cupcakes as you play? This game sounds very fattening! LOL

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