Friday night update

This week has been a bit busy.

I ended up picking up 2 lovely medium blue armchairs for Devin's office. I still need to head over and give them a good cleaning before he can use them but they will look very nice in his office.

Treanna had a choir concert last night which was quite lovely. I could tell that the kids have been working very hard on the music. I liked some songs better than others. Most of the songs were about food and several were very funny.

We watched the rest of the Babylon 5 Crusade stuff which was alright but not that good. We also watched the 2nd season of Dr. Who that BBC has only recently been putting out. It was fantastic and we really enjoyed it. Of course I made more valentines and such while we watched. 

I also got my new pulls and knobs put on my desk and craft cabinet. It really makes it look classy and now everything matches! I do need to reclear off the table as I let my current project get stored on there for most of the week. I plan on clearing it off in the morning.

See the knobs!

desk knobs  cabinet pulls!

Obviously I am really happy with them!

I also took a picture of my china cabinet this week  as it still makes me happy. I like how I arranged it. I put my Johnson brothers china on the bottom shelf where I can reach it to use it easily. The middle shelf holds all my english china. The top shelf holds all the pretty hand painted pieces. Those are quite an eclectic collection and I was really suprised at how good it all looked together.

The english shelves  The top shelf

 That's all for tonight!

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    Oooh…I like your china. Sounds productive and fun!

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