Happy Birthday to ME!

I normally don't actually post about my own birthday, however for some odd reason I am feeling really good and just want too. Today I am 34 years old. I don't feel old and am actually very happy. It was a bit strange hearing on the radio this morning about how the highschool I graduated from had a shooting. Like I said I am just feeling good.

Today I decided to wear my new skirt which was a birthday present. Last weekend the family went up to the outlet mall in Marysville. I was given more than enough time to go through Lane Bryant Outlet and the Coldwater Creek Outlet. I ended up trying on several different skirts which were all 70% off. I ended up with a very cute black one that Treanna picked out for me. I paired it with my dressy blouse, black tights and my black granny boots. I am happy with my outfit.

Yesterday the girl and I made my birthday cake. It is a pastel 4 layer chocolate cake. Each layer has a different flavor between it, peppermint, almond, lemon, and chocolate on the top. I also played around with making piped roses, which failed but we had fun. I did make a couple of cute squiggle roses which now adorn the cake. I am happy with it and the bits I tried tasted yummy.

my birthday cake 

Now I am off to spend the day with my husband which will include lunch out.  

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    Hey Steph, I hope your birthday was good. Your clothes sound beautiful, I can just imagine your smiling face as you are wearing them. Have a wonderful day! Love, your oldest brat sister

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    Save me a piece of your cake it looks yummy. Happy Birthday love ya the other brat sister

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