January is busy..

Unfortunately it has been slightly crazy.

I forgot to post a picture of the yummy dessert my girlfriend S brought me for my birthday. It is a mousse filled chocolate teacup! Plus she had a gorgeous little teacup wall pocket for my dining room wall as well!

Here is the teacup, it was yummy and very rich! The cup part was dark chocolate. mmmmm

 chocolate mousse teacup

In other news, Treanna finally got her mini whinnies that she spent ALL her money on! Much excitement was had by her and she has played with them constantly since they showed up. Luckily I convinced her to not open all 10 sets at once and she has complied.

Treanna with her loot:

 Treanna with her loot

In other news the latest storm to hit the region sucked. It snowed a lot. It took Devin about 4 hours or so to get home from work last night. It is normally only a 35-45 minutes commute. Luckily with cell phones I was not as worried as we could talk to each other regularly. My phone was ringing a lot last night and I felt like I was constantly on it. Today the thermometer on the front porch says it is 0 degrees Celcius. I don't remember ever seeing that in daylight before. So here are a few pictures of the recent snowstorm on the clear but cold bright sunny day.

view from the back of the house view form the front door

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