Mondays are not bad

Or at least this one wasn't. I had a nice quiet day at home alone. Did laundry and made chocolate chip cookies. Of course I made dinner too. I had to clean the kitchen and the fridge.  Before I could make cookies I also needed to clean out the oven a bit.

 I also checked out a band I had heard on the radio while scanning stations on my way home. It was a group called Abney Park. I actually liked some of the music so have been grooving to them on and off all day. One of the things I like the best about them is their "look" and costumes. Of course their look is very Steampunk which is most likely why I like it.

I also vacuumed and finished cleaning out my Mazda. For Christmas I had received a stereo and speakers for it. Our friend Nick put it in for me and also ended up needing to put in a replacement antennae. We finally got it all put back together and working this past weekend. So I now have a stereo in the car! Yeah!! So I cleaned it out and vacuumed it inside today. It looks really nice. I also helped Nick a bit with his newest Chevy. He just bought it and of course needed to replace a few things on it. I didn't realize just how long it has been since I worked on a car with someone. It was kind of fun. I now know approximately how difficult it will be to replace my windshield wiper core when it goes.

I spent some quality time with some of my January Victoria magazines as well today. I noticed a few different things on this read through. One of the things I noticed was a short note about a french fashion doll exhibit and was pleased to remember that I had seen that in person when it was here locally a couple of years ago with Treanna's class. 

I went and picked up more medicine today as well as received my prescriptions in the mail. I have been pleased to note after reviewing my blog as well as my notes that I am obviously doing better on the new stuff my doctor put me on. Interesting to me to see the subtle changes I didn't even notice at first. I really do think my energy levels are up enough I am having an easier time keeping up the house and the rest of my routines.

Tomorrow I am hoping to spend some time with my friend S, make a more involved dinner, and pick up the armchairs I am planning on getting for Devin's office.

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