The house smells yummy

It smells like cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies.  I needed some sort of roll but was out of white sugar. I had a recipe from an online friend for cinnamon buns that used brown sugar. So I started the dough during dinner and let it rise. Nick ended up getting some white sugar so I could make chocolate chip cookies. So I made those while waiting for the dough to rise. While I was still baking the cookies I rolled out and put the cinnamon buns into the pans. They had finished rising for the second time about the time I finished baking the chocolate chip cookies. Luckily my wonderful little sister Becca called and talked to me while I was making everything because she loves me.

We had some company over the weekend as there was a local SCA event. We are conveniently located to the fairgrounds and have warmth and comfortable beds. We usually have someone who asks to stay every year during the event. This year I tried something different so that my living room was not majorly disrupted. Since Nick is still staying in the very tiny room that has yet to be converted into tiny guest quarters. So instead I put them up in Treanna's room after bribing the kids to share their room for the weekend. I have been wanting to try out Treanna's trundle bed and see how difficult it was to turn it into a king size bed. After a bit of trial and error I discovered that it was super easy and will definitely remember that for the future. The company even said that it was fairly comfortable and they slept well. Now if I could just squeeze something like that into the tiny guest room it would be awesome.

Evaluating how I did on my personal goals for January and I am really pleased. I made the vast majority of our meals from scratch, I kept up on laundry, I had time to make extra goodies, I made decisions and small progress on continued decluttering, and my kitchen was clean the majority of the month. February I am still trying to decide what my personal goals are.

I did try following a pattern from my book Killer Tea Cosies. I want to try knitting a basic tea cozy and after I had gotten half of it all the way done discovered too many dropped stitches and that it was not big enough because my yarn was not the right kind. So I undid the entire thing and will try finding a different pattern to try again.

I have also made an effort to pull down my January Victoria magazines and spend some time reading them. Last week I ran across a recipe for orange poppy seed bread that sounded yummy. I ended up picking up what I needed and made 2 loaves. It was really good. That same day I made Garlic Chicken and Lemon pie from the British Country Living but that was a flop with the family. I enjoyed it but no one else did. I took the second pan to the potluck at church on Sunday and everyone raved about it.

I have 2 lovely primroses on my counter next to my kitchen right now. They are both double blossomed primroses and they are just gorgeous and the flowers are very ruffly! 

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    WOW! You’ve been busy! All of that sounds yummy to ME!

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