What I have been doing the last 2 days

I have been working on long neglected tasks in the last 2 days. My entire goal for the weekend was to clear off the top of my craft table. It took quite a lot of work and I am not finished with the area but I hit my goal yesterday.

See!!! I don't think it has been that empty for months. That bright glow is the lights reflecting off a clean white surface!

My craft table

I have been neglecting it terribly and allowed it to become a dumping ground. It almost sums up how I have let quite a few different things slide.  So in interest of allowing myself to become more creative again, I am taking steps to change that habit. Mainly putting things away and cleaning up after myself. Such a simple thing that can be a real challenge at times. As I was unearthing my table, throwing things away, and putting things away I was suprised at how many things I found we were missing. It was almost funny in a twisted sort of way.

Other things I have done include taking pictures of stuff and posting it on freecycle. Cleaning the kids shelves and putting some baskets on them to help control the papers. We dusted, cleaned, vacuumed and straightened the living room and the library. I put plastic on 2 more of the windows in the house to help keep the cold on the outside. Did breakfast, lunch and dishes. Emptied a couple of things out of the fridge and worked on my papers and other things from my craft area some more. I also fixed the pile of broken Christmas ornaments, packaged them up and took them upstairs to be with the rest of the ornaments.

Now I need to do garbage and recycling to really be finished with the piles of stuff everywhere. Progress has been made which is my main goal.  I also want to catalog my projects that I either have planned, have the stuff for, or started.


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  1. http:// says:

    looks awesome steph now if only i could make the time to work on my craft area and get some projects finished

  2. Heidi says:

    So nice to have seen your craft desk Stephanie. It is really dragging to our creativity to allow our craft rooms to get cluttered. I am going to takle mine starting this weekend. I have to get things prepared for my quilt group so I will have to do it in between other activities. I hope I will be as successful as you have been.

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