11 years and counting

As I am typing this Devin and I are finishing off our 11th anniversary. We have been married now for 11 years. Not bad at all considering we married 3 weeks after we met! Many people would not have even given us 11 weeks yet alone 11 years.

Last night after dinner we headed back up to the Outlet Mall in Marysville without the kids for a small date. Devin needed to pick up my present from there and I wanted to go back into the Royal Albert store. So while I spent plenty of time browsing and looking at the store Devin picked up my present. I had just finished looking through a pile of plates and picked out 4 plates to match the wonderful cups I got for my birthday when Devin came in. He agreed that buying the plates was a good idea and then had me turn around and hold up my hair. I really had no clues as to what he bought me for our anniversary. I of course was fairly practical and had bought him a cordless 18v drill set with 2 batteries and other cool things like a flashlight. Well he put a necklace on me. Of course I could not even see it, so my first priority was finding a mirror. This is what I saw:

My anniversary Cross 

It is a gorgeous delicate cross with Amethyst and Tanzanite stones. It is just lovely and I have been wearing it ever since.

After we finished there we stopped by the casino to look at it. Left shortly because after Vegas it was terribly disappointing and way too smoky.

We then decided to go see a movie. We went down to Alderwood and went to the new giant theaters there. It was ok but the stuff before the movie tried too hard and was way too tied into television. The movie "Because I said so" was excellent and very funny in places. There were several scenes that I could really identify with and the food was gorgeous.

Today we had a late start and I made us breakfast in bed using the new plates with matching cups. It was quite lovely and the big pot of Black Orange Spice tea was the perfect thing to wake up with. Later we left and went to Seattle to go to the Episcopal Bookstore where we picked up bibles for ourselves as well. We have been needing to get personal bibles for some time now and just made it part of our anniversary. After the bookstore we went to Edmonds and took the ferry to Kingston. This time we had the kids with us and wanted to share the crepes with them. By the time we were all done and home it was a bit on the late side so they were very tired. However they seemed to enjoy the day out with us.  

So Happy Anniversary Darling! 

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    Congrats to you both!

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    That’s beautiful!! Go Devin!

    Wow. There’s still romance after 11 years. Good for you guys!

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