2007 Flower and Garden Show part 1

First off as I was getting over being sick I had to rest before and after each day I went. I was lucky enough to go 2 different days. Once with my friend S on Thursday where we left early and came back before the kids got out of school. Then I went on Saturday with Devin and the children. I spent most of Friday recovering from Thursday as that was a lot of walking. Same again on Sunday for recovering from Saturday.

There was really a lot of things that you see at the show so I am going to highlight the things that impressed me most on the different days.

On Thursday the 2 things that most caught my interest were these minature container gardens and this giant moving garden sculpture.

Minature container gardens cool moving sculpture

The minature gardens were done by Two Green Thumbs. I am planning on going down to the store sometime in the next couple of months. The lady at their booth even gave me specific plant suggestions for what to plant in my mini greenhouse to do a little english garden scene. Some english boxwood, baby's tears, and another moss like ground cover. I am very much looking forward to picking those things up.

S and I had lunch at a subway rigth there in the convention center. We were both worn out by the time we were done but enjoyed ourselves very much.

More in the next post!

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