2007 Flower and Garden Show part 2

Well after a nice rest and decent night of sleep I am ready to start the second part of the show.

After resting Friday and doing my work at homewe got ready for Saturday. We were up rather early for us on a Saturday but didn't really get there until 10-11 a.m. We parked and then went up to the convention floor. We took an unconventional route and started at the back corner and worked our way to the front. The children and I had read about a scavenger hunt they were doing so decided to go grab that first and see what it was all about. We picked up the forms for the scavenger hunt which was to take place in the display gardens. We then did the back half of the exhibitor floor. I was able to show Devin and the children the little gardens from Two Green Thumbs and Devin agreed that they were pretty cool. I also found out the Point Defiance Zoo has a garden show in June along with a tea they do. Here is a picture of the table which caught my eye this time.

Point Defiance tea display

Other exhibitors that got our attention we not that many in the back. There was someone who had a support to put on your low back and wrap around your knees that was neat. Devin especially liked it and will probably get one for airplane travel. We got majorly annoyed by the guy at the Seatlle Post Intelligencer booth and did not appreciate his manipulating us or not taking No for an answer. There was plenty of other interesting things to see but nothing really ever said we had to have this or that. We were mainly getting ideas.

Well then it was time for lunch. So we went out to see how busy the Cheesecake Factory was across the street. The wait was way too long so we decided to get out a bit since it was so nice. We walked down to the Pacific Place and looked around there. We ended up finding a nice Italian restaurant called Il Fornaio Cucina Italiana. We had a fantastic late lunch and a wonderful waiter. We were there for about an hour and a half so really enjoyed our lunch and had a light dessert at the end. Devin and I shared a fantastic chocolate cake. I had mine with tea.  I ended up getting some Earl Grey and man oh man was I suprised! I really wasn't sure how palatable the tea would be as it is often hit or miss in restaurants. Well this was fantastic. I would say it was some of the best Earl Grey tea I have EVER had. The water was boiling when it was poured into the little pot, the tea was from mightyleaf and was organic as well. Isn't the setup nice?

My tea at Il Fornaio

Well after lunch we went back to the convention center and started the scavenger hunt at the display gardens. It was rather difficult to complete as the clues were not that great and things like "red rose" were done at more than one garden. However after a couple of hours we managed to complete most of them. So returned for the children's prize which was free happy meal coupons. I had a couple of favorite things from the display gardens. The one garden that I thought was really neat but couldn't take good pictures of was one inspired by the mideast. They had old silent Lawrence of Arabia like film going in the tent. The tent was neat as well. It almost looked like a large courtyard in fact.  The first picture is my favorite one of them all which was picnic in the Ruins I think. The second is a cute english inspired gazebo where I really liked the little daisies in the lawn. The 3rd is a neat black and white garden I also liked. There are other pictures in my photo album from the show as well especially the display gardens.

Ruins display garden  English Gazebo  Black and White garden

We then finished up the rest of the exhibitors. There were some that really made me wonder how they were garden related as they were mainly art and not even garden art. Oh a few others I enjoyed looking at were Smith and Hawken and I got some neat Terrarium and Wardian Case planting ideas from their little take home brochure. I also enjoyed Lee Valley Tools and am looking forward to another catalog in the mail.  Other than that nothing is really jumping out at me right now. There were a few other things I liked and picked up information about but nothing spectacular. I actually picked up one business card solely because it was very well designed.

Well that is the end of part 2. I am sure I will be blogging more.


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