Better but still icky

Over all I am feeling better. Still sick but now it feels mostly like a cold. The kids are mostly better as well just needing extra sleep. I slept most of Thursday and that seemed to help as well.

I did some kitchen stuff this weekend but it was a slow process. I made little mini raspberry tarts. I made several batches of them. They seemed to get eaten up rather quickly.

Our friend Nick finally got into his apartment and has been spending most of the weekend moving in. It will be a nice place and he is still really close by so we can still see him often. Now of course I need to make cupcakes or cake for an upcoming celebration.

I did a few other things like got a couple of packages mailed off on Friday. These have been needing to get mailed off for months in some cases and I finally got it done. I still have a giant 60+lb box that will need to go out this week but I will need help as it is HEAVY!

The other cool things happened yesterday. I was on my email and a couple of things came through on freecycle I was interested so I responded. Well I got them both! I got an older working serger very similar to the one I first learned on. Plus I got a large bag and a small box of yarn so that I can do some more knitting and crocheting as well as teach Treanna. Her and I have already done several little lessons. So far she can cast on great but cannot seem to get the whole knit a row thing down. Every time I check on her she has undone the entire thing. We will keep working on it, I have faith in her.

My plans for the week include cleaning up the branches and debris from the yard as well as cleaning out the carport if the weather cooperates. Otherwise I am just hoping to go to the Flower and Garden show this coming week or weekend. Devin really wants to take me, which makes me VERY happy. Unfortunately Devin has a long week as he has a technology conference to attend in downtown Seattle. This is only the first of much stuff happening between now and May.  

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    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Sounds busy but fun.

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