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Well I am now finally mostly better but I have been fighting that end of being sick fatigue. I slept at least 10-12 hours one night and felt better for it.

I made cupcakes and pizza for Nick's birthday. Unfortunately he got sick and thus couldn't enjoy any of it. I also ended up putting it off for a day because I was so tired. So his pizza is frozen in his freezer and his cupcakes are getting stale on a plate in my kitchen.

I also got several more things mailed off including the giant 71 pound box. That was a saga in itself and even involved paramedics. I will just be glad when I get the email letting me know it arrived in 1 piece. I even did the bills last night despite really not wanting too.

It has been difficult to keep up with everything just because I was sick. I am finally mostly caught up but I need to ensure I am getting enough sleep still.

Valentine's day was good and we had a nice dinner as a family. The kids brought home all their valentine's and I was especially impressed with Alaric's container. It had a turtle on it and even a cute little turtle on the heart that had his name on it. He designed it himself and did a very good job. It was SO adorable.  Treanna has now discovered the dangers of consuming too much candy and junk all in one day and ended up throwing up in the night. I was amused but she is now much more into moderation.

Devin had a good conference thing he went too all week. He was impressed with some things and made some good business connections. You can always go to his blog directly and see more.  

On top of all that other stuff I realized I have been consuming too much sugar which might be contributing to my fatigue. So as of today I am cutting it severely out/back. I just hope this will help get me back on track energy wise.

Plus this week and weekend was the Northwest Flower and Garden show. Devin wanted me to be able to attend and to take me himself this weekend. So I bought a couple of 2 day passes and went yesterday with my friend S. We left early and were gone about 6 hours. Man we were both tired. It was a neat show but I really didn't see too much that said "buy me now". So did not spend any money on anything at the show yesterday. Saturday we are going back with the children and I am sure we will be looking at various things. I don't expect that anything specific will necessarily be bought though. I did find one thing I was looking for which is small plants suitable for tiny indoor scenes and terrariums. I even got a couple of specific suggestions for my little green house so I can make the little english garden scene I want.  

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    Sorry to hear you guys have been sick! Hope everyone is feeling better now!

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