Productive Monday

Today was a rather productive day. I finished all the laundry and there was a lot! I also managed to keep the kitchen mostly clean. I did a few other chores. The big icky one I did was clean the trap for the upstairs bathroom sink. Not sure I really want to do that ever again. I did not quite figure out how to reattach the stopper though. I also talked to a couple of friends as well.

We also had a meeting about Alaric at school. We were very pleased to see that according to all the guidelines and testing he is right in the middle for most everything! A few above especially academic wise. What this means is that he changes status at school and no longer has an IEP overseen by the special education consultant. Believe me school can be very complicated with special needs. He will continue to receive most of the services he now gets but they will all be coordinated by the teacher. We are not unhappy with the change as we have been expecting it. The one thing that suprised me the most is that he scored well above average in the social situation testing where they ask what someone should do or say in a given situation. I didn' t quite realize just how well he was internalizing it. So he rocks and we are pleased with his progress. I like happy meetings.

Oh we watched "Be Cool" last night the sequel to "Get Shorty". It was suprisingly good even if several of the casting choices were suprising to realize just who that person was. It was worth watching.

Tonight I made pizza for dinner and was pleased with how it turned out. I have noticed that if I have at least half the flour be the whole wheat pastry flour, the crust turns out better. Not sure why but I am inevitably happier with the half and half crust. For lunch I had picked up a box of Annie Chun's Pad Thai Cuisine meal kit. It had found it in the natural food section and decided to give it a try. I added a bit of cut up chicken breast, some eggs, and some bean sprouts. It turned out very yummy and I have half of it left for tomorrow. I think I am going to try picking up at least 1 of the others each grocery trip and try them all.  

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