The dreaded icks

Today was a day I have long been dreading. You know the one where you wake up tired with a headache and head off to wake up the children. Of course it took you a good 15-20 minutes to be able to drag yourself out of bed. You think "What is wrong with me, I felt fine yesterday?" You head off to wake up children and realize that the normally awake children are not awake at all right now. So you try to wake up the girl child. She kind of says okay mommy but doesn't really move. Then you wake up the boy child who clings to you and says "Mommy I don't feel good". You ask questions and eventually get out that he has a headache, a stuffy nose, and a scratchy throat and is just tired. Of course the Mother doesn't feel well either so goes to lay down for a few minutes. Then about 30 minutes before when school starts realize that neither child has really moved, both don't feel good and neither do you.

So I made the decision that both kids were not feeling well. I called them in sick to school, called my small group leader and let her know I wasn't coming as I had sick kids. Her and I were supposed to get together to review some other materials but I told her I was concerned we were coming down with the flu. Since she has surgery in 2 weeks she can't get sick so stayed away! The kids had a lot of rest today. Got to read for a while and play with the trains. At one point I told the boy that playing with the trains was not resting. He then laid down and moved a single arm to play with the trains, it was really funny. They also did homework as well since by afternoon both seemed to be feeling better.  I on the other hand was sweating and the boy pronounced I had a fever at some point. It did seem to break so I managed to get dinner into us about the usual time. It was even good too.

We did get some things done as I just couldn't stand it. I mixed up some alcohol/water solution and lightly sprayed many surfaces in the house. I cleaned and disenfected the entire kitchen. Amazing as I did not think it was that filthy to begin with but the difference is shocking. The floors were vacuumed and the downstairs was just straightened up.  The kids even cleaned up their school shelves and put papers and stuff away neatly.

I also since not feeling rushed took some time with the kids to help the girl change her falling apart binder for a new one and helped the boy find the missing library book by supervising the room cleaning directly. Funny enough the library book was exactly where I had suggested it was weeks ago.

So that was today. Which wasn't too bad despite not feeling well.

Yesterday was different. I honestly now cannot remember everything I did. I do know I did chores in the morning and then after lunch visited with my friend S and knitted. Oh and we watched the scrapbook special on QVC as we were looking at card ideas, which we found lots of. Plus it didn't interfere with either our knitting or our chatting.

After a quick dinner Devin and I walked to the local middle school to attend the parental review of the growth and human development curriculum for the school district. We saw pretty much what we expected and actually like the emphasis on developing healthy relationships that seems to be the main focus. The walk was nice too.

Also yesterday I was looking over the papers the boy brought home. One of them was a cute little book called "All about me!" Where I discovered such gems as I like to be called "Rick" and I like to play with legos. The legos no suprise the "Rick" part was amusing because every now and then he goes through a kick and asks to be called that for a day or 2 before losing interest. When telling about his family he says "My dad wears glasses. My mom is all most at the computer all the time. My sis is horse mad." What? I did not think I was at the computer all the time but from his point of view maybe I am, it is causing me to evaluate that. The best part was the one thing I would never change about me is "That I read."  That's our boy! We really are proud of him.

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    Calling them the boy child and the girl child is funny. I am sorry you have the icks on your end. We have them too. Only my poor infant has a fever and can’t communicate. Gabbi at least tells me what is wrong. I will have to call Rick and say hi.

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