Flowers and crafts

My Mother was up last week as she had a craft show. Remembering that I had been to the Flower and Garden show she brought me an awesome present. A HUGE bag of bulbs. At least 14 different kinds. I am going to plant them in pots and try either forcing them indoors or seeing if they will bloom outside. Either way they need to get planted soon so they don't die before fall planting time.

 My new bulbs

In my garden all sorts of things are starting to come up. My daphne bush is just about to bloom, all my bulbs are poking up and my daffodils are just about to bloom. My little mini daffodils actually have blooms on a few of them. Even the dreaded hateful bush in the front corner is budding.

I have also been doing some crafts this past week. I got all my stuff out and started painting so I could finish a couple of projects. One project I did I did not take a picture of yet. It was a jewelry organizer. Basically a picture frame with some wire mesh to hold my earrings and some hooks for all the necklaces. Fortunately the majority of my earrings are french hook style so I have plenty of room now. I also at the same time painted the last piece I needed to finish my garden wreath for my front door. I also painted a 2 tiered server that I had gotten for really cheap. It now looks wonderful and will actually be able to be used now.

Painted 2 tiered server  My garden wreath


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