Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today it was drizzly and rainy and grey! However everything was green.

Devin is home again until the end of month when he goes off to more conferences. The last few days have been spent getting my chores done. Like paying bills, laundry, kids had half-days, that kind of thing. Oh and the kids had a bouncy birthday party on Thursday evening. It was interesting and not nearly as nice as the other place we went. However I could actually do all the bouncy things they had even the obstacle course. No getting stuck this time.

Tonight for St. Patrick's Day we had mashed potatoes, rice, green beans, and beef and onions in gravy. Here is how I set the table for dinner.

St. Patrick's Day table

For dessert Devin and Treanna brought home Caramel Apple Pie with Vanilla Bean ice cream.

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