Household redecorating and snow days

Our new guest room is in place. Our friend Nick finally got all moved out so I worked on the front room. I borrowed Treanna's trundle bed, found an old off white nightstand, and then put a banquet table and a chair in there. Once everything got in place it was a little bare but very lovely. I used my queen sized quilts on the bed, put a burgandy tablecloth on the table and it looked very homey. Since then I have put in a plant and hung a small quilt on the wall. I want to add a few other things to make it more homey as well as get a double or queen sized bed. Not sure which will fit in there yet.

Plus my Mother is awesome! She helped me get my new sofa. I have been looking at sofas for quite some time and had not found anything. We even went to a furniture store and looked and did not really find anything we would have liked. However the weekend before my mother came up I happened to see a sectional on Craigslist that was dark green and looked like it might work. So I called and made arrangements for us to go look at it. We went over Monday evening and decided that it would work quite nicely in our living room. So made arrangements with my mother to pick it up Tuesday afternoon. It was a lot of lifting, hauling and tying down to fit all the pieces in her mini-van and this was after setting up her booth. However it all fit in one trip and we got it home. We then unloaded it so I could get it all cleaned up before taking it in the house. It fits perfectly in the front room and really looks nice. The old sofa is in the carport and I am having trouble getting rid of it.

It started snowing late morning on Wednesday. It was a bit odd and some big huge fat flakes came down and quickly piled up. I had to brush my car off with the broom when I went to a friend's house. It was still falling pretty much up through this Thursday morning. It was nice and thick to the tune of at least 6 inches. School was cancelled Thursday and it is a good thing we had another snow day built into the schedule already. I am pretty sure school will be in session Friday.

Wednesday snowing mini daffodils in the snow 

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    Sounds like everything looks very nice. I love Craigslist, LOL.

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    I hope you are going to make sure I get to see your house when I am visiting. Less than a month left!

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