Oooh it was nice!

The weather was wonderful today! So nice in fact that I went out a couple of times to check the lawn. Yup it had grown up quite a bit and it was nice and green. Of course a little past time to cut but at least it was dry enough. So after picking up the children from school I went outside and used the pushmower on the lawn. It wasn’t too bad and a bit easier than I thought it would be. Of course I was a wee bit tired after all that exertion. However I still made dinner close to on time.

After dinner I had the girl pick up the piles her brother raked. I went out to make sure the bin got to the alley. I decided it was still just light enough out to do a bit of weeding to attempt to fill the bin. I weeded quite a bit in the backyard and along the alley. Even with all the weeding I did the bin still wasn’t full but it was now too dark to see.

Apparently it is supposed to be nice like this for the next couple of days. I am definitely hoping to get a bit more gardening done.

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    YAY for nice weather!! :0)

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