Sick kid but happy life

Well the past week has not been nearly as productive as I would have liked. On top of the snow day last Thursday where both kids were home from school, Alaric has been home sick ever since.

This is one of those things where the "mommy instinct" kicks in really strongly. I had been watching him close as I didn't like how he sounded but wasn't sure if allergies were kicking in or what. However Friday morning he climbed into bed with me and asked to please let him stay home from school. Now Alaric loves school and would rather go unless really sick. So as soon as the doctor's office opened I was on the phone making him an appointment to get in. I had him in by 10:30 and the doctor looks and listens and within 5 minutes told me he had viral pneumonia AND an upper respiratory infection. All viral so anti-biotics would not do any good, besides which we see a naturopath so unless we were certain to need anti-biotics she wouldn't prescribe. She explained to him that he had to be quiet and get as much rest as possible. We frankly discussed which hospital to take him too if we got concerned that he was not improving enough and had more trouble getting enough air. We take it very seriously as we know of several acquaintances/friends who died of complications of pneumonia. He is slowly getting better but once he was able to breathe better he wanted to be more active. It is really tough to convince a child that despite how they feel they are still very sick. We did take him to the park yesterday while it was nice and warm (60s) upon doctor's orders. He was suprised as just how tired that hour of playing at the park made him and he was not nearly as active as he normally is. However that did help reinforce that "you are still sick" thing. I take him tomorrow to check his lungs again and hopefully get the all clear signal. I still might keep him home til next Monday though.

So needless to say that has really made my last week a bit awkward. I am behind on my shopping and several of my other chores. I have however had time to play legos, read several books, cuddle and take naps with my son, and do some math with him.

I just finished 2 of several books I had out from the library. The 2 I just finished was "The Renaissance Soul" and "Refuse to Choose". Basically they both reinforced and validated that I could stay where I was and be happy with my chosen career. My job really does encompass most of the things that interest me. The 2nd one even helped me realize that I don't have to become passionate about things to follow my interests. I cannot really recall being hugely passionate about any particular thing or subject. Currently I do have several things I seem to be more passionate about mainly gardening and Steampunk (a victorian science fiction like aesethic). Just nice to read that there isn't anything wrong with me for not having an overriding passion.

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    Hi. I found your blog through the Missing Bliss site. I’m curious to know which book you thought better – Refuse to Choose or The Renaissance Soul. I read Barbara Sher’s book but our library doesn’t carry the other one.


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    I think overall I liked The Renaissance Soul more. There was a different focus for the advice for both. I just liked how Renaissance Soul talked about the choices and how to go about it. The Refuse to Choose seemed to focus more on the life of a scanner and how to work with that.

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    I’m sorry to hear he was so sick, but glad he’s feeling better now. That kind of thing is so scary, and I hate the helpless feeling I always get when one of my kids is sick!!

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