Tuesday Evening

This is a big Hello to Andrew who is currently on the road. Though we just talked to him on the phone a bit ago.

We are slowly watching Battle Star Galactica season 3. We finally finished all of season 2 in the last few months. This is really an awesome TV series, not enough to quite make us want to get cable but almost. Why don't the cable companies let you just pay for the 1 or 2 channels you want and not all the rest of the crap? I mean seriously they could actually make a few $ off us a month rather than nothing they do now. Oh well maybe we can just get those online or something. Right now a friend sends them to us. We love our friends!

In other news we did quite a bit of housecleaning this weekend. I took an entire back seat full of stuff to the donation place this afternoon. This is of course on top of a bag of my clothes that were too big that I took to the women's shelter. In the stuff I took today was our previous CD cabinets. They had glass doors, were difficult to put things back into and just generally stayed messy. After doing some thinking and looking I realized we had another shelf for our bookshelves so I moved a few around and added one for the CDs. They are now easily reachable, easy to keep alphabetical and they look neat. Also in the backseat was an entire bag full of Devin's clothes. He cut a massive swath through his wardrobe and it is now leaner, meaner, and better looking. I am seriously proud of him as he dumped over 42 items from his wardrobe and only what looks good on him remained.

Also it is amazing what a simple phone call can do. I managed to EASILY and quickly get 2 due dates changed on a couple of accounts so that I will be always paying them exactly on time for now on. Felt good to do that and thus insure on saving us any late payment fees at all.

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