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Yeah! Alaric is feeling better so went back to school yesterday! It is so nice to see him better since he was pretty sick. Just Saturday morning all of the sudden he seemed to breathe easier and everything. He still tires easily but not as bad as he was.

Friday night my brother Jon and sister Becca came to visit and spent the night. It was nice to see them as I don't get to spend nearly enough time with some of my siblings. Becca and I have a lot in common and talk on the phone all the time but she hadn't been over to visit in quite a long time. It took most of the 4 hours she came during the day just to get caught up showing her everything we had talked about on the phone! I made calzones for dinner which turned out yummy. I also had made garlic lime chicken the night before and had lots of leftovers. It made the yummiest chicken salad I have ever eaten. Saturday morning Becca and I also went thrift shopping. We hit a yard sale first and I found several cute things for Treanna including an adorable purple satin dress. Then didn't really find anything at the thrift store except a pair of swing arm lamps. I am currently thinking they would work for our bedroom. However I am going to wait until Devin has some time, hopefully this coming weekend, to help me put them up.

Now onto Fashion! 1st off some of my clothes have begun to fit strangely over the last few weeks and I needed some new pants. I had a bit of time yesterday so went to Lane Bryant. Luckily they had their clearance at $6.99 for everything. I pulled out several pairs of pants including some bootcut jeans. Well the jeans fit but nothing else did. I also pulled out a bunch of tops to try as well. Most of the tops didn't fit right either. The next size down fit better but I only ended up getting a black sweater shrug which I can wear with everything I own right now. I washed the jeans and sweater last night and after I was upstairs for the night spent an hour or so just trying on my clothes. Partly so I could find an outfit to wear to a dinner event with Devin this evening. I think the outfit I chose is a bit safe and right in the middle. Not too dressy and not too casual.  However I discovered as I was trying things on that several items just hung on me weird that used to fit fine. So I ended up dumping a knit dress that the sleeves and shoulders hung weird on, a sweater that was just too large and shapeless on me, another sweater that just made me look huge, and a pair of jeans that even with a belt I could barely keep up. Amazing how just dumping those things really made me like my clothes better. I also tried a few different combinations of things to see how they looked together. I made up several outfits to try to some upcoming events. I also discovered that my closet needs a shot of color in it. Not sure what yet but it needs at least 2 or 3 items in some more springy type colors.

I am now wondering if partly this is because Treanna and I had so much fun making new outfits for her recently. I got stuff from the yard sale on Saturday but I also had picked up a larger pile of clothes for her a few weeks ago with my mother. She really has some adorable stuff in there and is just loving the new clothes. I need to find something in a pale green that will go with one of her skirts but other than that she has some adorable outfits. This is the outfit she wore to her symphony field trip last week.

Treanna dress for symphony field trip

She is growing into quite the young lady. I also recently let her wear things I didn't used too which made her happy. In the above picture she is wearing a camisole, a shrug and one of her 2 new springy skirts. The camisole is what really makes her happy as it is more of the type of clothes mom wears.

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    cute girl!!!!

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    Cute outfit! Glad you got some new stuff and are happier with it. New clothes always perk me up too. I’ve lost a little over 50 lbs in the past 6 months, so all of my stuff was HUGE, and I had to go buy things about 3-4 sizes smaller, recently.

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