Weekend and fashion show

Thursday I made Pecan Pie mini tart and lemon bars for my tea party this coming Saturday. I still need to make scones and at least 1 other dessert but I will get some of that done this week. We also had Treanna’s final choir concert for the school year. They did a pretty good job even if we did show up a bit late. I liked more of the songs she chose for them to sing this time. I took a group picture of the choir but did not bother getting any others.


Treanna's choir concert


Friday I just got housework done and also got a call back for tickets to a fashion show on Saturday (more on that in a bit). The children brought home their report cards as well and showed some progress in multiple areas. Devin worked late and then we determined what the plan was for Saturday.


Saturday we had 2 different things happening and a couple of errands. 1. I wanted to go to this fashion show at the downtown Seattle Macy’s store that was going to be hosted by Clinton Kelly of “What not to Wear.” 2. We had a wedding reception to go too in North Seattle for a co-worker of Devin’s and we still needed to pick up the present.


So we left here about 12:15 to go to downtown Seattle for the fashion show. We figured we would be out all day so got dressed in what we were wearing that night. Devin and Alaric wore dress shirts, slacks, tied, dress shoes and belts. Treanna wore a black skirt, a pink cami and a cute black and pink woven jacket. I wore a black skirt, cream cami, and a black and silver crocheted shrug.


The fashion show was fantastic and featured a lot of outfits that I would have actually worn. The fashion show was entirely for plus-size as well. The models were fantastic looking and were definitely plus-sized too.  Clinton Kelly was very funny and even did a quick talk about what audience members were wearing. He was cutting in his comments but they often felt better about themselves and had specific ideas of what to go buy to fix the problems.


Fashion show!


 His specific tips for plus-size gals included NO tapered leg pants. He said to get pants that fit the largest part of your leg and then fall straight from that point. He also suggests tailoring things so they actually fit you. If the waist is too big get it nipped in at the back and get the bottom hemmed to the right spot for you. He also showed Capri pants and said that they needed to be hemmed up so they are just below the meatiest part of your calf. He showed several pairs of the long walking trousers and again said they needed to hit you just at the top of your knee. He also said the 3 secrets from the “What not to Wear” show was 1. Proper bra fitting, 2. Proper shape wear if needed and 3. Tailoring the garments so they fit. He said the number 1 tailoring they do is resetting the shoulders of jackets to they are in the right spot. I am seriously going to look over my jackets and shrugs and possibly reset a couple on my clothing.  Other things that really appealed to me included a safari style jacket that was belted at the waist. I am going to try out some Capri pants this summer after finding or altering a pair to the right hemlength. He suggested cargo Capri pants with a safari jacket over a cami with non-sports looking athletic shoes for a Mom on the go look.  It was nice to know I do more right than wrong with my daily look.


While I was attending this Devin and the kids finished the other shopping that needed to get done as well as bought Devin a new hat. He looks very handsome in his new hat. Maybe he will let me take a picture and post it to his blog.


After the show they met up with me again and we went to a restaurant for a late lunch. Then we still had some time to kill so we walked around Westlake mall and went for a monorail ride. I would have taken pictures but I had forgotten to recharge my phone. The kids enjoyed themselves and we arrived in plenty of time for our reception.


The reception was very interesting and we had a good time. Devin’s co-worker is from Nepal and he just got back from his wedding there and this was the reception in Seattle for those that didn’t make it to Nepal. They had a big tent set up outside on the front lawn with tables, a bar, and a buffet for dinner. I didn’t get to sample very much of the food since I unfortunately mixed a small amount of 2 different kinds of alcohol and thus was nauseous. What I did try was fantastic though. I tried a rice dish that had a wonderful delicate flavor, and a couple of different chicken dishes as well as a small bite of a couple of other things.  We got to meet a lot of different people from all over the world and the area as well as see a few other people we knew from Devin’s work. The saris were gorgeous and very colorful. We got home rather late and so slept in a while this morning.



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  1. Cin says:

    Sounds like you had quite the full weekend! TLC has been showing WHTW marathons lately, and depite the harshness of some of their critiques, Clinton and Stacey have grown on me. I’ve actually taken a few notes, and found that they’re advice (which you did a fabulous job of presenting) has been very helpful.

    It’s spring, and I’m going to clear out my closet this week…

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