Files, update, lilacs and a walk.

Yes my shoes are still staying tied!

This past week was interesting as it has involved far more paperwork than usual. I have been working steadily on the files, made sure Taxes got done, organizing my desk, and made sure everything got out for clean up.

Wednesday I decided my kids needed a day off, especially Treanna who is doing the state tests, so after doing some shopping they made their own dinner and played Lego Star Wars on the computer for the rest of the evening. They both seemed to just be able to focus for the rest of the week better.

Thursday I went to Seattle with my friend S. We went to Macy’s, rode the monorail, and then went up to the observation deck at the Space Needle. We had a lovely day. It was our first real outing in quite a few weeks. Treanna got a bunch of new clothes passed onto her from a friend so we went through her wardrobe and pulled things out that were too small or just didn’t go with other things. She likes a lot of her newer clothes.

Friday night we watched the Prestige. It was far better than I expected. I still can’t quite get over David Bowie playing Nikola Tesla. That was awesome. It was creepy and just confirmed that stage magic is just odd.

The weekend has been pretty quiet. However Devin brought me back some See’s Lemon Truffles from his latest trip. He said he went to the largest mall he has ever been in. The truffles were delicious and I even shared them.  I am also slowly getting the files put away back in the file cabinet. This will be a long process as I am redoing our non-filed files. Everything has been just dumped together so this is a process of sorting everything so we can actually find it.

Today we went for a walk in the afternoon and it was not too cold and just overcast. It was gorgeous and I just love all the lilacs that are beginning to bloom. I really need to make sure I get a few bouquets for the house.  I was hoping that I would be over this cough/cold. So far I am mostly better but it is just taking a lot longer than I would like to get rid of this. It is just lingering on. Unfortunately while I am feeling better all the time I don’t sound better. So I am being careful to not get sicker.

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