Good and yucky

I am currently sick with a nasty cough and cold. Luckily Alaric got over it mostly and also got over his double ear infections. Amazing how that curtails your activities to have a sick child.

 The week before Spring Break, which started Monday the 9th, he missed the majority of the week of school since he had a fever. By the end of the week he had seen the doctor 3 times and was worse by Saturday than he had been Wednesday. However we changed directions a bit and he was much better by Sunday Night. His cough was worse but not enough that I felt we had to curtail a long planned visit to cousins. So we went down to Olympia and enjoyed a 2 day visit with their cousins. They had just got a trampoline so they got to play out on that a bit and watched a few movies they had not seen yet. I watched the Kingdom of Heaven with my sister and it was alright, not the greatest, but parts of it were neat. I also learned to make lemon curd which was way easier than I thought it would be. We went down because Devin was flying to Denver. So we dropped him off at the airport and then picked him up on our way back.

Thursday we stayed home, but Friday we went to a friend’s house and had a little tea party. It was neat to see how much her little girl had grown since our last visit. She had also just gotten all her china from her parents so we got to use her Royal Albert Moss Rose pattern which was very lovely. I made garlic lime chicken wraps, while she made a salad and a wonderfully moist and yummy vanilla cake. She told me she uses a mixture of half butter and half canola oil which she finds makes a moister cake. Saturday was just a stay at home day. I did some paperwork, sorted another box or 2 and um other stuff I don’t remember.

Today however I made Lemon Poppy Seed muffins with a little bit of lemon curd in the middle. They turned out marvelous and I am definitely planning on repeating them again. I am also considering making them in orange. I also dragged the entire pile of stuff for the bulk trash pickup out to the road. Devin helped with the really large items (like the couch, which I had to pay a little fee for!). I now have a very large and distinguished pile out there. It only needs to have the rest of the larger sticks and to fill the yard waste bin along with regular garbage day stuff to be done. My carport now has a great deal more room. Whenever we do bulk trash pickup it amazes me just how much ends up getting put out. I am now considering going through the house to find more to put out.

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