Just gorgeous

Yesterday and today were just beautiful. Today it got over 70 degrees outside according the thermometer in the shade on my front porch. My garden is looking awesome and I am pleased with my progress. I have slowly been working on getting my Garden ready for spring. I have mown the lawn, and done a touch of weeding here and there between torrential downpours and even snow on Monday.  

Unfortunately I still have a child who is home sick with a fever and ear infections. He is doing much better and it was so nice yesterday so I decided it would be good for him to get outside for a bit. I then decided I really wanted to have lunch outside. So I swept off the patio, cleaned off the table and the chairs and even put out my 2 new wrought iron ones. Then I put up the umbrella and did a bit of straightening before making us lunch.

He and I had a lovely little lunch out on the patio and we both enjoyed the warm day and the sunshine. I then did about an hour and a half of pulling weeds and straightening up the garden. Then after dinner the children and I went back out to the garden to look around and do more clean up. I think we spent another hour or so until it got dark out there. I am so pleased that after just a few hours I have now weeded and maintained all the beds up to where I was last year. I have so many lovely things blooming and coming up. My little baby lilac trees are actually budding. The one I wish I could share with you all is the scent of my small daphne shrub. The blossoms  just smell heavenly. 

 Last time I went to the library I found a book that kind of intrigued me about a place in England called Upton Grey. It is called Gertrude Jekyll’s Lost Garden, The Restoration of an Edwardian Masterpiece. This is by Rosamund Wallinger and the ISBN is 187067335290000. This was such a fantastic book. I really did not think that going year by year as a this lady and her husband bought a delapidated manor, discovered the creator of the Garden and then proceeded to restore the house and gardens would be fascinating. Oh but it was! She decided to strictly follow the plans and restore it to as Ms. Jekyll designed it. It is one of the few living examples of Gertrude’s work. The pictures are stunning and just cement my desire to go to England just to look at Gardens in May and June some time.

Today one of my little sisters came to visit with her husband and her 2 girls. It was wonderful to see her. I felt like the house was cleaned, the weather was nice enough we played outside for a while. I got to hold her baby girl who is just so happy all the time. For dinner I made pizza while we played Texas Hold-Em. The pizza turned out yummy. We then went for one last walk before they left. I don’t get to see her very often as she lives on the other side of the country. I am so glad we had a chance to visit.

Then as a reward for the kids doing mostly well during the week they got to see the movie Flicka. T had seen it already with Devin. However A and I had not. It was actually a good movie. I enjoyed it even though it was pretty emotional in parts. I could spoil it but let’s just say I enjoyed the movie and was glad we watched it.

Oh and just so I can put a picture in the post. T is very happy with her adorable little light pink flats. I like the gold slides I bought but I adore these dark brown dress shoes.

dark brown dress shoes and purse

Part of the reason I adore them so is that they go well with my purse. I love this vintage purse I bought a while ago but could not find a pair of simple dark brown shoes to coordinate. So I am just thrilled that these totally fit with the look I was going for.

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