Relearning basic skills

I don’t know how old many of you were before you learned to tie your shoes. I was 5 and almost in Kindergarten before I mastered it. I remember the neighbor lady teaching me a different method than the one everyone else used too. I was left-handed and just could not figure it out. I struggled my entire life with keeping my shoes tied. It was terrible because at times I had to have Devin tie my shoes because I had tied them 4-5 times already in the last hour.

However tying my shoes has completely changed for me in just the last 2-3 days. It was one of those follow a link from another site type of thing. Here is the stream that happened to change my life. A. I was looking up features to keep in mind while looking for luggage, B. I then looked at rolling laptop bags for Devin, C. Then was looking up suggestions for travelling light, D. Where I found a link to a website by some guy called for travelling around the world with only a carryon bag. E. Where when reading through his fascinating information he talks about learning to properly tie your shoes…. I think What? You mean there really is a correct way to do this chore that I despise? He gives a link to a gentlemen’s website Ian’s Shoelace Site. So I take a stroll down there and he has a lovely illustrated set of directions that tell you how to tell if you tie your shoes correctly or not. Well I discovered that I don’t! So he also gives the easiest directions in the world for how to fix your “granny knot”. So after learning to cross the starting knot the opposite of how I have my entire life, I then learned how to do Ian’s Secure Shoelace Knot. My shoes have never stayed tied this long in my entire life. I tie them when I first put them on and they don’t ever come undone. Plus the bows are nice and even and don’t travel all over the place.

Such a simple thing but truly it has made the biggest difference. So how many of you don’t tie your shoes correctly?

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    Tying your shoes? I just cheat and buy things like Merrel-Mocs that are lace-less and slip-on, like moccasin’s but fancier. Otherwise I end up with them on the side of my shoes facing inward toward each other.

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