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Ok for those who don’t know, I LOVED Victoria Magazine. It was published from 1987 til June of 2003. I was just devastated when it was discontinued and still have nearly every issue ever published. I think I am only missing like 3 issues til I have a complete collection.

This morning on my Victoira group (Yahoo groups MissingBliss) someone gave us the best news. Apparently the originator of Victoria, Hearst Publishing, is joining with the Hoffmann Media group to re-launch Victoria this fall. The first issue will be October 2007. I just about cried for joy! Hoffmann media does several lovely magazines including a tea-time one. Needless to say I am thrilled and already trying to find out where I can sign up for a subscription.

It just set a lovely tone for the day which has just been wonderful. Today after making dinner I will be working on reorganizing my craft area (yes again or rather still!).

Other news… Devin is home for a couple of weeks after a month where he travelled every single week. I bought the kids new comforters in the past couple of days and both are sleeping better. Alaric really is happy as we lowered his loft bed down to the middle, totally re-arranged his room, and I picked up a coral reef themed comforter so his room is very ocean themed now to accomodate all his turtles. Treanna also needed a better blanket so we picked her up a plain pink one which will eventually go to her trundle bed when we make a different duvet cover for the second one. She already has some lovely horse and pink fabrics so it should turn out quite lovely. Oh and for a suprise for Devin I got the car fixed while he was gone this last time. I needed to fix the key/ignition, which I will write a much longer blog post about later, the windshield, and it just needed cleaned inside and out. So the ignition was replaced and keys replaced, the windshield was replaced, the car was vacuumed, cleaned inside, scrubbed outside, and waxed. It looks really nice now.  

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  1. http:// says:

    Wow, sounds like lots of great news for you! Congrats! :0)

  2. Ranjini malhotra says:

    Add me to the list of people who are joyously celebrating with you – I loved loved LOVED Victoria magazine and cried at its demise. This is a wonderful present for all of us who miss it!!

  3. http:// says:

    Yes, I too got the news in an email from an ex-coworker, that Victoria was on it’s way back with an October issue.
    I was giddy all day. It was hard to concentrate on my work!
    I even punched out for lunch at 9 am so I could search the web for more info…I could not wait until my regular lunch in the pm.
    I remember the first time I laid eyes on the magazine….while on vacation in the Dalles, OR. I couldn’t believe I had never seen it before and was fearful it wasn’t circulated in Seattle, where I lived until I saw “Premiere Issue” written across the top.
    Folks, I have every issue and I treat them as if they were a cherished family heirloom.
    I will never give them up and I guard them and keep them safe in special boxes. As an artist and designer, I can not tell you how many times I have turned to them for inspiration. I have even acquired additional issues of my favorite ones….some where in Portland, OR, near the waterfront, is a used magazine store that sells hundreds of back issues. I cannot remember the name of it but you could do a web search.
    Now, I cannot wait for October. I have a lovely vacation to Wisconsin planned to vivist my family in July (a brother and a sister back safe from a tour in Iraq) and that is the only other thing I am excited about!

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