Yikes, I need to update

So this will be just a quick update.

My tea party last Saturday was fabulous and I enjoyed spending time with my sisters! The food all turned out yummy and there was lots of talking and gift exchanging among us girls. We also played the trains domino game afterward. I think someone took pictures but I was a bit distracted so am not sure. Treanna wore her new shrug/shirt combo over her spring green skirt. I have determined she needs some pink shoes for some dresses instead of the black sparkly ones. I wore my favorite brown skirt with a lime green camisole and a brown shrug. Treanna enjoyed getting to spend some time with some of her older cousins.

Sunday morning Alaric woke me up early complaining that his ear hurt. That just worsened over the next 2 days that by the Monday afternoon I took him to the doctor’s where he had 2 ear infections and a fever.  He is home from school so missing more days. Luckily Spring Break is next week.

Devin is traveling a lot this month. This week it was to Orlando for Exchange Connections. It can be a bit more challenging when he is gone.

While finishing up my shopping I found me a pair of adorable huge earrings. Plus I picked up the first of the outdoor wrought iron chairs I want for my patio at Costco. Will pick up more each time I go until I have enough. 

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