Life is stressful


I have been dealing with a lot of family drama lately. So far I think it will end up resolved in a positive manner for all involved. Needless to say this was stressful.

Other news: Congratulations to my nephew Ethan who earned his Eagle Scout award and is having that award ceremony this coming week. Also my oldest niece Chloe is graduating from high school! Wow!

Today Devin is in Arizona where he is visiting his family before doing yet another presentation on Tuesday. At least this time he was able to use his travel for a little bit of personal travel as well. We had to take him to the airport really early this morning and then we came home and crashed. The kids woke me up with breakfast in bed this morning. They made me baked amish oatmeal and tea, it was really cute. Plus they gave me a card, tissue paper flowers, and paintings for Mother’s Day Friday after school. The poem Alaric wrote in his card just cracks me up “grass is green, water is blue, when I’m around you are not blue.”

I have been loving our partially sunny weather. It has allowed me to catch up with my gardening. The backyard is relatively weed free since I like gardening when under stress. I got the grass mowed, and even started edging in the front. Also my friend S was redoing her yard and thus getting rid of her herbs. So I took an entire car load of rosemary, basil, 2 different types of Thyme and lots of chive plants home. They all seem to be fairly happy in my backyard so far. Also I finally finished my 1 chair per a Costco trip buying and got all 4 wrought iron chairs for my patio table. I also picked up the long 100ft hose I wanted and it is already nicer to use.

I am sure I have other news but it does not occur to me right at this moment. Other than to say I dislike Scotch Broom very very much as it hates me. I like being able to breathe without having allergy issues. Not sure why but this year is particularly bad.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Joanne just shared the l.l.l. ladies blogs so I could follow everyones bloggy going ons.

    I am sorry you are dealing with some family stresses, I do hope it resolves soon.

    OK, this is *tacky*, but I can’t seem to be able to email you privately. Could you email me about the cutter Victorias? I am interested in the June issues. For catching up as mine are in a barn in WV, and blue and white themed collages.

    missanneshirleyofgg @

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