Wonderful day!

Today is just a good day. I did well going to yard sales this morning, the weather is beautiful. I picked up yet more clothing for myself, a gorgeous heavy glass cake plate cover and a rolling duffel bag to replace the giant suitcase we have that almost always goes overweight.  I don’t feel as beat up by the allergies. Its just good.

I also called and ordered my Victoria Subscription today, which I know added to just how wonderful I feel.

I think I am going to head outside and plant the little fern and the shasta daisies I bought at a yard sale today. The daisies should do well in the back yard and I will have yet another spot where no weed can grow!

 Yesterday I helped my girlfriend plant her plants for her yard we bought earlier in the week. I still have a couple more to help plant but we should be able to finish that up fairly quickly. We did have fun earlier in the week going to Flower World to pick them all out. We were there for several hours and still didn’t find everything we were looking for.

Devin got back from his latest trip safely. In fact when I got up in the morning he had left me a box of bombay chai tea and a cute card on my dressing table. I really liked the card and it just set the mood for the entire day.

My fabric for my dining room chairs arrived. It is a bit darker of an olive green than I originally thought it would be but I think it will end up working out well. I started to recover one but discovered that the finish is coming off the chairs so they need to be redone, so Devin was right that it would be nice wood. Plus my staples I had on hand for the staple gun were a bit too long. So I need to get staples, some furniture stripper, and then a stain/finish for the chairs so I can recover them. I am figuring on stripping and making padded seats for my current chairs as well. Then I will have 2 sets of 5 chairs that will coordinate and be comfortable to sit in. I still have my 2 french chairs I want to reupholster as well but those look a lot more involved so will wait for a while yet.

In other house news, I am still looking for a desk 48-51 inches wide to put in the library. We have tried the library table but it currently just holds another computer. So we decided to just bow to the inevitable and get a desk for the computer there. That way we will have more room in the library to walk through or work.  I will have to get rid of yet more furniture and chairs soon as they appear to be taking over the house. Good thing I didn’t go get even more of them!

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    You are AMAZINGLY crafty, woman! How do you manage to do all that? I cower at the very thought of reupholstering chairs! LOL

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