All is almost right with the world

I am writing this blog post on my regular desktop computer. I have a good start to things being back in their places. To be sure things are upgraded and I still have many more programs and things to get set up. For some odd reason my calendar and contacts did not transfer well. I don’t want to lose them off my handheld so am holding off a sync until I figure that out.

In addition I was finally able to get my organic strawberries. The store has been out the last few times I tried to get them. So with a rain check in hand I bought 4 pounds of organic strawberries. Last night they were had with Tillamook oregan strawberry ice cream and dark chocolate syrup. This morning they accompanied crisp waffles with a light dusting of powdered sugar. I am so glad I discovered that my egg slicer would slice strawberries, it makes nicer slices than I could ever do on my own. The strawberry slices looked quite lovely on the waffles dusted with the powdered sugar. Of course to wash it down I made a single mug of Irish Breakfast with a splash of milk and a dash of sugar.

A friend recently gave me some very yummy jams and jellies and I made scones earlier in the week to try them out. Very tasty indeed. I currently only opened the peach and cherry jams but they were wonderful. Also in the basket was some blackberry fizz concentrate. I have been having it all afternoon with some lemon-lime seltzer and it is very tasty and interesting. I think I will like it very much. The other thing of note in the basket was some apple walnut chutney. I like a lunch I have had at a couple of tearooms called a “ploughman’s lunch” which consists of a cheese thingy, a cold meat pie, some crusty bread, some chutney and a green salad. I would love to do this for myself for lunch I just don’t know where to get the cheese thingy. I currently cannot even remember what it is called. I could probably eat this daily for a week or 2 before getting tired of it or running out chutney.

For the final little update on the chair saga. All 5 of my school type chairs now have upholstered seats. After picking up sanding discs for the sander and a large pile of paint samples we made a decision. I shall sand all the chairs and then primer them. Then we shall paint them in Laura Ashley paint in a lovely light beigish/brown color called Wicker Chair. I could not locate a sample of said color online or I would share it. I now have a grand total of 1 chair sanded and ready to be primered. I am continuing the search for a better dining room table though one of my wonderful sisters is going to give me one that would be perfect to sand and paint to go with the chairs.

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