Movie review and Father’s Day

Well Friday night I was able to go watch Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer with Devin and Nick. I was suprised at just how much I enjoyed the movie. It was funny, serious and definitely entertaining. I think my favorite part though was some of the personal interactions that you get a hint of in the trailers.  There are so many more movies coming out that I am not even sure I have them all on the calendar.

 I am seriously excited about the Golden Compass coming out in December. Based on a series by Phillip Pullman called “His Dark Materials”. I just today finished another reread of them. Nothing really new and different came to mind in this reread except how much I enjoyed reading them.

For Father’s day the main present was a big hit! I had purchased a Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver from Think Geek for Devin. He likes it and says it will most likely go to work with him with all the rest of his toys. Then Alaric helped buy Lego Star Wars II game as he though Dad (and of course him) would enjoy that. Treanna found a Transformer’s T-shirt with Optimus Prime on it. I still need to wash it but he was pleased. The kids were glad their presents went over so well.

Gardening I am way behind. However I have hit my goal of at least filling the bin each week. Last week it was the atrocious bush in the front corner. It now has some clear ground underneath it and is trimmed up a bit. Today it was the big leaf maple. Devin cut down some of the branches that were rubbing on the front of the house, I cut them into smaller pieces and the kids put them in the bin.

The last day of school for the kids is Thursday. They are both excited and sad about school ending. Still lots of little things to do and get done before the last day. We already know they both had their transfers approved for the next school  year. At least we will have some continuity there. Lots of other things changing but they cope better with it now than they used to. We are also still working up the course of study and activities for “mommy school” for the summer. During the summer we do life skills like cooking and laundry and also work on skills we think they need to do more of like writing, reading and math. 

There is a lot more going on behind the scenes. I am happy my computer is mostly back working and I am gradually getting used to having a desk again. Still got into a few bad habits over the last month or so that I am working to reverse. Plus the stupid cats fighting or ? in my backyard keep driving me nuts, I can hear them through the windows. Otherwise things are about a medium. I try to not discuss negative or health issues in my blog. Now off to get the rest of my chores done before bed.

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    Sounds hectic, as usual, but also nice.  I can’t imagine how you have the time to accomplish so much!

    We still have another week and a half of school.  BOO!  I hate this “year round” thing, but at least we’re moving to an area that doesn’t have it soon.

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    You might think I get a lot accomplished but there is so much more you don’t see!

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