Reading, Summer starts and Mommy School

We finally got the Amazon order my son was waiting for. He saved his money for a Lego Droid pack and so was very excited when they arrived. Tacked onto the order was the Fifth Element on DVD which we needed to replace the VHS with. In addition was the 2nd book in a series by Dennis McKiernon. I had picked up Once Upon a Winter’s Night a few years ago. It was a retelling of one of my favourite fairy tales East O’ The Sun and West O’ The Moon. It was fantastic and felt very much alive to me. Well the 2nd one Once Upon a Summer Day was just as fantastic. I think I finished it in a single day. Of course everything else was neglected. I did a lot of reading this week since I figure I won’t be reading quite the same for the next several months.

Today was the last day of school for my children until September. They were both happy and sad. We had a few tears as they will miss friends and the routine of school. Treanna especially as quite a few of her friends move up to the middle school this next year.

However Friday is the start of “Mommy School”. People always look at me odd but that is what the children named it. Mommy School is all the things Mom wants to teach them. For example they learned a little bit of swimming last summer as well as how to make scrambled eggs and other various little things. This summer we are formalizing it a bit more and I have a long list of things they want to learn or need to work on. Friday however we are also having our first field trip. KMPS the local country radio station we listen too has events they do periodically where with a coupon you can get into something for just 94 cents. (Their broadcast is 94.1 hence the 94 cents) Friday it is for the Pacific Science Center. Alaric and I went not too long ago but this way we can all go with friends which should be fun. Over the weekend we will start working out more specifics and I will make up spelling assignments. Of course I also need to find some math basic computation quizzes that can be timed. It will be fun and they will have plenty of things to keep them busy.

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    was this the lego droid pack that I donated to?

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    Gimme the casssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh! I must say, NOT a movie I particularly enjoy, and I yet I have it memorized, because Mark loves it and got a couple of my children addicted. *sigh* Such is life. But that is the only part of it I truly enjoy… ah, my love of the ridiculous.

    Sounds like you have lots of fun summer plans! We’re still in school, but tomorrow, thank heaven, is the last day!

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    Yup I believe that is the Lego Droid pack you donated too Rachael. It is really cool and he is having fun with it so far.

    Jenn I love the guy who tries to rob him as well. My other favorite line is “Negative, I am a meat popsicle.”

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