yeah no new blog post for nearly a month

I know its been a while.

1st off my main computer is still not quite working. It is rebuilt and installed and ready to receive my profile. However that is where we seem to be bogged down. It is not liking transferring my profile. So now we need to figure out a different way to transfer all my data and settings over. However I did get a chance to paint the case with the last of the light green spray paint I had. So it is a much prettier color than beige.

I have made progress on the craft room. I have worked on the chairs and even covered quite a few with the fabric. However the 1st attempt at a new finish looked terrible. However we are now looking at paint so I will be sanding, priming and painting the chairs.

I have a pile of things to get rid of. Things in the carport and elsewhere. Slowly things are coming together and it is not quite as messy in the house.

My peonies are blooming. My columbine has gone nuts. Plus quite a few things that I can’t remember what they are are nearing blooms. My yard needs more work but it will get done gradually.

I know I have more but will work on those over the next week or so.

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