Flower pictures from the back garden

I took some pictures of the back garden on the 15th. It is still pretty weed filled but I liked a lot of the flowers. Granted these are not in their prime most of these are a bit on the spent side of blooming. Anyway here goes:

The above picture is a photo of my Malva along the back fence. I was really pleased at how well it did this year. Despite putting it inside a support this year part of it still decided to grow its own way. The plant is almost as tall as me and I just love how many blossoms it has on it.

Pretty pink flowers

This picture is of some magenta flowers with some sage leaves. I like the plant though I am completely spacing on what it is called. I got all of these from my friend S. She had them coming up like weeds all over her yard and hated them. I just kept digging them up and bringing them home. I planted them in a tight swath along a 4 foot section of the fence. It has nicely kept any weeds from growing along there. Plus the constant flowers since June have been very lovely to look at.

Pink Dianthus

These are probably my favorite flower of all. This is a pink Dianthus or Carnation-like flower. This is along my back fence as well and it doubled in size this year. Unfortunately only 1 section had flowers on it but they smell heavenly and blend nicely with all the other pink/magenta colored blossoms along the back fence.

 Balloon flowers

This is another perennial that suprised me this year. My balloon flowers really did well this year. I thought they died over the winter but came up late and strong. I love watching the balloons open into these pretty blossoms.

 Lacy Daisies

These have a funny story about them. I was at a yard sale in early June and someone was selling this small section of daisies for 50 cents. I figured 50 cents is worth seeing how they would do in my yard. So I bought them, brought them home, cleared a small patch of weeds in the back yard against the house and plunked them down. Watered them a few times and left them alone. This was my suprise! I thought they would be regular daisies but these are fantastic! I just love the wispy edges to the petals. The plant has more than doubled in size and I can easily see this taking over an entire bed in the backyard if left to its own devices. I just love suprises like this.

Last picture:

new patio chairs 

This is what my new patio chairs look like. I bought 1 each visit to Costco until I had 4. I think they are comfy and eventually I will get some simple cushions for them as well. They stack and go well with the table and even the plastic chairs. I now have enough seating for 7 people outside. To continue the black theme I am contemplating painting all this short little plastic fencing I have black. I think it will look fabulous with all the plants and make it look coordinated and planned. I have a big pile of some white fleurdilis style fencing that is going to get done first before I start on the little picket fencing. Almost everything else in the backyard is black wrought iron so I think it will be very nice when all finished.

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    Wow, I’d love it if I could have that sort of thing in the garden. Unfortunately, I’ve got… uh… sagebrush, rocks… a few cacti… LOL!

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