It was awesome!

Transformers was awesome. The kids both enjoyed it as well. Heck even my Mom called and told me she loved it! We wish we had enough in the budget to go and see it again! Now of course we are excited that the next one is apparently already in the works and will be directed by Michael Bay again.

Also this week we have been having a good time with my youngest brother. One of the things we were asked to do is take him driving. He just got his permit. Oh my! I have glimpsed our future in quite a few more years and while terrifying it was not as bad as I feared. It has been a lot of fun to take him around a little bit. We also have been playing lots of computer games and console games as well with him. Plus we did the whole fireworks thing on the 3rd and the 4th.

I still don’t have a picture of my new haircut. But it is continuing to grow on me. Even not spending the time to curl it I still like it. Tomorrow we are off on a road trip to return my brother and visit some family. Hope y’all have a great weekend.

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