Lego Star Wars

We have had the first game since January when Alaric bought it with his Christmas money. We finally got a computer for the kids up and running in the library a few months ago. I got it put on a table in May and so we have a computer for the kids to use that is out where I can see what all they are doing on it. Plus we have 2 controllers/joysticks for games. For Father’s Day the kids bought Devin Lego Star Wars 2. 

After watching Alaric, Devin and even Treanna all playing the game I decided it looked like fun. So I decided to play myself especially once I realized I had access to cheat codes to grant me invincibility. So today after playing pretty regularly for the last 4+ weeks I completely finished Lego Star Wars. I decided it was pretty fun at least with invincibility. I am now considering playing the second game of the original trilogy. However I have to play through an entire level  without invincibility which will suck.

This is probably the first time in my life I can remember playing a game on the computer where I actually enjoyed it and finished it. I have played a few multi-player games like Tribes and even Puzzle Pirates for a while but those were different, as there was not an entire plot to follow. I don’t know if I just never had the patience, the ability, or the games before. However this was fun and my confidence to go and try a game I really want to play and have for years is quite a bit higher. I think I will be asking for a copy of the game (Syberia) for Christmas.

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    LOL! T has that for the NintendoDS. I’ve never played it, but he and his dad sure get a kick out of it. Even our friend who recently visited from Australia got sucked into playing it with them.

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