Quick Update

Mommy school is going ok so far. Their typing skills are definitely improving.

We got to see friends from out of town last week and it was awesome! Plus I did a lot of work on the house and got it caught up back to manageable levels. This week Devin is on vacation all week. In addition we get to have my little brother up visiting for the week. He has been so much fun! Saturday we take him back home and get to see my Mom and another sister.

Today I had an appointment in Kirkland. Afterwards we went out to Olive Garden for a very nice lunch date. It was pleasant and the meal was pretty good as well, about what we expect. Later in the afternoon I got a haircut. This is almost rather shocking for me as this is the shortest I have had my hair for years. I think I am going to like it. Devin says its cute, which is definitely good. I needed a style that was a bit quicker to dry, was easier to curl and would be easier to do something with after showering. With me trying to get my workout done every morning before my shower I was having trouble with my longer hair.

Happy 4th of July! We are going to see Transformers first thing in the morning!

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    so what am i now? chopped liver can’t even say i’m going to visit Becca no I’m just another sister

  2. http:// says:

    I want to see the hair! Sounds like a great week. We’re still in the midst of insanity here. LOL

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