The garden

Despite the fact that my weedwhacker needs a mysterious new part that I have not bothered to discovered what it is I still managed to get part of the lawn edged. I remembered that I have a pair of old fashioned scissor like sheers. So between that and just flat out pulling out the weeds along the front flower bed the front beds are now edged. I still need to do along the walk and the trees before mowing but some progress was made.

Not sure when I will get to the mowing or all the rest of the weeds in the yard either. I also managed to pull/yank out all the vinca major sometimes commonly called Periwinkle from the front bed as well. This plant is a ground cover that has been pissing me off in the front bed. It creeps into everything and then gets to big off the ground to really be a good ground cover. However I pulled enough out that had root pieces that I am going to bury some of it on the wooded side of the house to fill in the stark weediness. I figured this isn’t supposed to be a weed and will even bloom sometimes when happy. A large bed of this will be quite lovely over there. If it decides not to live I will not be upset at all.

Other updates: The kids and I are going to be resetting some expectations over the next several weeks and especially reestablishing routines. I think that we shall even begin the process of getting up at the time we would for school. That way we don’t have to do it at al at once the end of the month. I have done absolutely nothing on the chair project. That should really change soonish. The next steps are 1 sanding all the chair frames and 2 putting the fabric on the backs and bottoms. Trying to decide which to get to next and also contemplating the whole primer question.

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