Thunder and Synchronized!

This morning at about 9:45 I was woken from sleep by a very loud crack of thunder. About 5 minutes later it started to rain. It nicely cooled the air and gave a drink to my garden. Treanna was slightly terrified from the sound as she was very much asleep before the thunder. Alaric of course was like OOOH I thought I saw a blue flash first! The heat has made it difficult to get to sleep before the house has cooled off.

Today I did something that absolutely terrified me but has needed to get done. After my computer was rebuilt my entire contact list and calendar was not there. Devin was not quite sure how to get it transferred over and frankly didn’t have time. So we have put off getting my phone/handheld resynced to the computer via Outlook. Well after doing just a bit of looking today I figured it out and got it to synchronize. It went just fine with only one small hiccup. The hiccup was the loss of all my pictures on the phone. I had taken a ton of pictures in the Colossal Fossil exhibit at the science center. Now I have none. I think the last time my phone ran out of battery life was actually when I lost them. However I now have space to begin taking more pictures.

So I need to take pictures of Treanna with her Bella Sara card portfolio, pictures of Alaric with his Transformers 3D cards, pictures of my flowers, and pictures of my chair project.

BTW if there is anyone who finds this who would like to trade with the kids please drop me email. Both Treanna and Alaric have several doubles of their cards and are looking for more people to trade with. So far we have found just someone for Treanna locally and in Ohio.

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  1. Sharon Workman says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    I really miss those thunder and rain storms during July /August. My favorite was the one in 2005, the year before I moved down to California. I was able to take a walk outside while one was still going on. It was really refreshing and lovely. Down here in Cali, we might get one really good one every few years. I think it has to do with the general climate changes. But who knows for sure.

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