August weekend…

I really should have updated more just was not sure which of the many things to update.

We went to an Aquasox game in Everett the beginning of the month. We even saw the Goodyear Blimp and I took a picture.

Otherwise we are just ramping up for school in about 2.5 more weeks. We in fact just got their teacher assignments in the mail on Saturday. Treanna is getting her first male teacher. She is excited because that was the teacher of one of her best friends last year. Alaric is getting a teacher we know but not really well. He knows her so he is happy as well. Today we picked up a few more things for him for school including the requested 64 color crayola crayon box for Alaric. His teacher says she would rather have that than the other crayons and colored pencils on the list. Easy enough as currently it is easier to find the 64 color crayons than a 24 count colored pencil set.  Clothes wise both kids are pretty much set. Treanna needed shoes and a new coat. The coat was procured at Costco last month when I found it for a really good price. The shoes we had to get already as her other tennis shoes had holes in the bottom. Otherwise she had LOTS of clothes so many we actually made sure everything had something to go with it and only kept stuff she really liked. Alaric needed another pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts which we got today. He has plenty of other clothing but may need another pair of jeans or 2 in October or November. For September I told them they can wear capris and shorts as long as the weather cooperates. Might as well wear out all the clothes they already have before they grow anymore.

I do want to get the kids in swim lessons next month if we can. It might be a bit tough as they seem to go pretty fast in this area but it can’t hurt to try. I have tried teaching them myself and other than getting them to not be afraid of the water we just have not made much progress. They can kind of float and kind of dog-paddle.

I have been working on the dreaded chair project as well as getting some other house stuff done. Really we have been enjoying our summer. We have even been doing some crafts. Not as much as we would like but some. I have been filling up the garbage and getting some yard work done. I have lots of stuff that we need to trash yet out in the carport. I have a feeling that the pile for fall cleanup will be rather large. I got the upstairs closet cleaned out. I put away the Christmas china and got rid of the old christmas china. Still have a small pile of stuff that has yet to be put away but progress has been made.

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