Going backwards – release of the final Harry Potter book

I don’t know that I talked about the release of Harry Potter 7 and events surrounding that.

First off we did go down late to the big Borders store in the Redmond Town Center. I was amazed at the sheer amount of people there! The children wanted everyone to get dressed up. Devin and I went as muggle parents of a young witch and wizard. The children however did an excellent job with their outfits.

Alaric all dressed up

Alaric is dressed as a Quidditch fan wearing blue jeans, a wand in his hand and a snake in one of his pockets. Very obviously the young casual wizard.

Treanna all dressed up

Treanna wearing a purple satin dress, a black velvet shrug, a lovely flower corsage, with an additonal flower up in her updo is fashionably dressed to attend the ball. In addition to the above she insisted on bringing her white fluffy kitty Snowflake.

Excuse the photos that not only were taken outside after midnight but with crappy lighting and my phone camera. Normally the pictures are not too bad but at nearly 1 in the morning that isn’t always the case. The line was incredibly long that night but we had our book and was on our way home by 1:30 a.m. Devin finished the book by 8am, I had it done by 3:30 pm, and Treanna had it done by 10:30 pm that night. Alaric poor guy took him all of Sunday and part of Monday to finish reading it. All of us enjoyed the book and we were satisfied with the end to a wonderful series.

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