Kids clothing and my tinkerbell cup

Some days you feel like if you had a camera or a tape measure you could actually watch your children grow. In the last 10 days both of my children have filled out to the point where pants that fit are too tight. On top of that they both probably grew about an inch. Treanna seemed to have grown about an inch in the length of her arms alone. With the cooler weather I have started going through their clothing with a more critical eye. Well it got to the point by this past weekend where neither child had any clothing that fit. On a suggestion of a friend I got a coupon and took them to the OshKosh store in Woodinville with the plan that if we did not find things there we would head to Target. I of course made a list and went through their clothing a bit before we went to try and see what they both really needed. I determined that each needed 2 pairs of jeans and a zippered hooded sweatshirt. Well I found those plus a pair of sweatpants for each. They are both happy and it is obvious they grew as the clothing was the next size up (A a 10slim and T a 14slim) and they both have a good couple of inches in length to grow before they get too short again. They love their new sweatshirts and even wore them to school today.

Yesterday and today I helped the children put their clean clothes away and went through everything in their closets and drawers. Anything they refused to wear or I didn’t like went out the door. They each have nice clean clothing hanging and in their drawers. Alaric still has a few things that will fit for the next couple of sizes. Treanna got her next size box completely cleaned out, everything fit that was in their. Their might be a single pair of sweats that are still too big but I am going to try washing them to see if they shrink first. It still amazes me to realize just how much they both grew in the last month alone. Having them try on all their clothing really made the difference. I know what fits them now. For example I did not know that a red shirt of Treanna’s was really a 3/4 length sleeve. She has grown that much since springtime when we put the shirt up til autumn.

As for the Tinkerbell cup. Well that is an interesting story. I went to a Tupperware party and won a prize for free merchandise. Unfortunately I had already bought the only things I needed/wanted from the catalog so had to stretch a bit to find something else. So I got a Tinkerbell cup for me. It is fun and makes me remember to drink my water. The kids were slightly disgusted by it but I am amused so don’t care. Apparently I am already known as the weird Mom so I guess I am good. 

Now to continue my tear through the house. I have rearranged kitchen cupboards and cleared out some stuff but have more to do. I have cleared out my clothes and got rid of everything that doesn’t fit, doesn’t go with anything else or I just won’t wear. Have done some work on the dining room but have the living room, the front room and my craft area to go. My craft area especially needs it as the shelves in my cabinet seemed to have fallen down. Perfect excuse to dump more stuff from the cabinet. Am I really going to ever do that project? Time to ask the hard questions. I have 4 1/2 weeks before we leave on vacation so need to have my decluttering done by then. The week after we get back is fall clean up. I want a very large and distinguished pile by then, as well as whatever can be donated or freecycled before then.

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    Isn’t it crazy how they suddenly grow a mile on you? I just went through the clothes last weekend. Our weather turned “colder” about 2 weeks ago (meaning highs dropping to the high 80s/low 90s, instead of well over 100 each day), so I put the “summer” stuff away and got out the “winter” stuff (which basically means jeans, instead of shorts) in anticipation of even cooler temps. It’s always such a relief to me to pull all the overgrown/never worn/wrong season stuff out of their drawers and closets and get them reorganized!

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